Vermont Public Radio interview — Medical Care: How Much Is Too Much?

Very interesting interview with an MD from Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital, who has written a book on the risks of too many medical tests.


Public Radio’s Invisibilia: Dark Thoughts

This weekend, I listened to a broadcast of a new show, Invisibila, on  public radio.  The program was about how we think about thinking,  and about dealing with dark thoughts.  Very interesting.

Minnesota Starvation Experiment during WW II

I’ve recently learned of this experiment, that took place during  WW II, and that was designed to study the best ways to rehabilitate individuals who had experienced starvation as the result of the war.  It’s interesting and disturbing.

One of the (I believe unexpected) results was that the young men (the experimental subjects), after the rehabilitation period, were still extremely hungry and  consumed an extremely high number of calories.  I wonder how many diet designers and obesity researchers are aware of this research?


Essay: “How Deep Is Your Love?” By Shozan Jack Haubner

I just read  the following essay, and really appreciated it.  The essay was written by a Buddhist monk about his experience at the deathbed of a man he did not know.  The story really struck me as an example of working at being compassionate, as a flawed human being.  This kind spiritual story is really valuable to me, as it is about working toward being the kind of person one wants to be, rather than expressing condemnation for not already being that.

I hope that someone else finds it meaningful!