Z2H: days ? to ? …

I have dropped off on posting about the zero-to-hero.  Partly because some of it seemed to be things I was doing anyway (chinking out new blogs, making comments), but also because I am  feeling like this is just another procrastination-related activity that has started to feel isolating rather than anything else.  I don;’t want to do things like get rid of the games on my laptop, just to replace it with something that leaves me feeling the equivalent.

So, at this point I think I will revert to my original plan of tracking my efforts and increasing contact with folks in my life and at doing something new each week, with occasional extra posts as I  am so moved, and leave it at that.


Z2H: Day 8

I already had an “about” page, but I have added a little bit of text and a couple of photos.  The top photos is narrow-leaved plantain in bloom (a completely different plantain than the banana relative).  Although commonly considered a weed, it (and the closely related common plantain) also has medicinal uses.    One simple, but really useful, way to use plantain is to make a poultice for  insect stings and bites.   Rub (or chew, if that doesn’t gross you out) the leaf up, then apply to bite or sting.

Here’s an image of common plantain:


Z2H: Day 6 — including photos in a posting

Ok, I’m going to try to post a few photos of some plant friends


motherwort: she might not be so pretty, but I love her


comfrey in bloom


lady slippers



As far as I can tell, there is no way to crop the photos once you have inserted it.  Seems strange, as i could crop the photo for my header, but ….. complete!.

Z2H: Day 5

Exploring themes …. The day I set up the blog, I looked at a number of themes, and decided I like simple, plain.   Today I changed from Typo to Zoren, only because I like how the widgets show up on  the side rather that the bottom.   I’m not sure I’ll stick with it, though.

H2Z: day 4

I’d already discovered the reader feature,  and had started following several blogs but had not noticed the feature for searching for posts on specific topics.

I added a couple of blogs to my reader:

Shady Character, about gardening in a community garden. He’s posted photos of really cool structure in his community garden: http://shadycharacter.wordpress.com/

Thought and awe: interesting science nerd (fyi: nerd is a positive word in my world) and public health posts: http://thoughtandawe.wordpress.com/

Z2H: Day 3

There was no specific post that I wanted to write when I decided that I would keep a blog for a year.  My main reason for doing it was that it’s not something that would be my first inclination to do.  But after spending a couple of years with a fairly narrow focus, I want to add in some new things.  Even (especially?) a few that make me a bit uncomfortable.

Additionally, I thought that writing about my life could help remind me to be more expressive . It’s certainly not that I think an e-life is a substitute for a real life, and I do have plenty of friendships in my day to day life.  But I can easily become withdrawn from people when I am stressed, and I am often not very trusting.   I sometimes feel a strong dichotomy between my desire for a greater number of deeper friendships, and in internal resistance — a sense of fear.  Those rooted-in-childhood, can usually cover-it-up-pretty-well-in-company, but still there fear about people being dangerous (emotionally).  Normally it all stays in my head!  (And my younger self would probably be quite pleased at how well I can usually act ok in company.)

I used to journal a lot when I was younger, and found it very helpful.  somehow, I stopped doing it.  So I guess I’m hoping for some sort of mental shift — that posting  will lead to my psyche “thinking” that I don’t just keep it all in my head.