Fear and comfort . . . . isolation or not?

I’ve been having regrets about a decision that was leading to lots of lost sleep — that annoying frustrating monkey brains of stewing and trying to figure things out that really gets going as soon as I turn out the light.  (So I don’t get enough sleep, which leads to a more poorly functioning brain, then  even more monkey brain and stress!   AARGH)

In this kind of situation, I normally pull more and more into  myself, and wait until I have really worked things out in  my head before I even mention it to anyone.  And as I feel rather foolish,  I have very little desire to have anyone else see how foolish I was!  However, I have talked about this with several people (who’ve been supportive) and it is interesting how that has reduced the worst of the night time screaming brain.  It so easy to believe that I am protecting myself by isolating, when really  the opposite is true!


4 thoughts on “Fear and comfort . . . . isolation or not?

  1. I can understand what you are going through. Try to remember the past is over it no longer exists only as a mere memory..acknowledge your feelings and then release them it’s a good way to have some extra hours of sleep lol. Hang in there I am a master at becoming a hermit myself sometimes it is necessary. Introverts are the great thinkers of this world 😇

  2. Thought you might like this cartoon about nighttime thoughts getting the better of us:

    Totally sympathize with the hermit reaction as protective mechanism – I’m trying to fight it too!

    • Thanks for the comic! Yup, things can be much bigger in the middle of the night, especially as there is not much else going on to distract the mind. I am trying to start doing a bit of sitting mediation in the mornings, hopefully I can work my way to a bit more healthynplace!

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