new activity: cooking a goose

My Dad likes to tell the story of the Thanksgiving he and the rest of the males in his family were out cutting wood,and came home to a goose dinner, that was one of the best meals he remembers.  The last  few winters,when I’ve been home visiting for the winger holidays, he and I have looked at geese in the grocery store, but decided they were too expensive.  This year, they were a little less expensive (not inexpensive,mind you, just less expensive!), and I’d also been thinking of buying one anyway. My parents are  elderly enough that any year could be our last holiday season together.

So, after soliciting a great  deal of advice from friends via FB, and watching a number  of YouTube videos, I roasted a goose this past weekend, for our family Christmas dinner.  I did NOT make the stuffing that Julia Child made in her video,which required stuffing sauteed, chopped goose liver into pitted prunes (a stuffing that would take hours to make?!?  crazy!), or rub the goose in one of the very complex herb-n-spice rubs of another video (my Dad’s much more the simple home cooking kind of guy), just kept it relatively simple.  And it turned out well, tasty.  Even the  somewhat finicky nephews and niece seemed to enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “new activity: cooking a goose

  1. I’ve been wanting to cook a goose, too. Before Xmas I was looking at them in the store and just couldn’t bring myself to lay out that kind of cash so I looked at the pheasants instead. Suddenly the goose seemed a bargain for its size! Maybe I’ll do it eventually as a treat. I’m glad yours turned out well.

    • Yes, it was expensive! If it wasn’t that my Dad is elderly, and has had some health problems the past year . . . the idea that who knows when our last holiday together will be runs through my head, so for that reason it was worth it. And I think he’s enjoyed telling folks about it as much as he enjoyed eating it!

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