end of the year . . .

It’s been a busy fall, as I have had my first venture into purchasing a home.  I have to say, I can’t understand the people who repeatedly buy and sell homes!  The whole process just took so much time, with so many details.  Fortunately, my realtor was very good, and kept me up to speed as to what I needed to do next.

The home on the property needs a lot of work, BUT it has enough land to  develop gardens and orchards,  That was the real appeal.

Ever since the closing,I have been experiencing  a very high level of anxiety.  There  are many things I am afraid of, for the financial piece,to the work  of repairing and maintaining a home to the fear that living further from my social circles will lead to feeling even more isolated than I sometimes feel.  I assume that, once I get used to living out there, and when spring comes and I can start gardens, I will feel more calm, but right now–YI!  There is a part of me that knows this emotional crap is just something I need to go through,that the place of comfort is not the place of growth.  There is another part of me that feels like this is an indication that I just made a HUGE mistake, that my life will be so much worse in all areas, and on and on.  That second viewpoints just feels so much more believable!


2 thoughts on “end of the year . . .

  1. Congrats on your new home! Sounds like what we are aiming for. I plan to make it the kind of place fiends will want to visit and even involve them in the work of fixing it up for the price of a good dinner.

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