From today’s TED Radio Hour: “Can We Gain Strength From Shame?”

I really enjoyed hearing this today, on a long drive.  I was really struck by her descriptions of shame, and how it is related to our fear of being disconnected from others.



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California poppies


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“out of 52” update

I am certainly behind on this project. During the spring, I was busy with work, and I have been spending as much time as possible in the garden this summer. However, I have had some experiences that belong in this category, just have not added them to the blog.

11: Dance Tribe: I attended several evenings of a free form dance group (the describe the activity as ecstatic sacred movement dance) in the late winter and early spring. I found it very meditative and calming. my summer work schedule conflicts with their dances, but I plan to return in the cold months!

12: Yoga, yoga, yoga – In late spring, I purchased a voucher from a local yoga studio. It allowed me to attend as many yoga classes as I could for a 2 week period. I have had periods of doing a lot of hatha yoga in the past, but have not done much lately. It was lovely to be back on the mat, my body really really felt better, and I especially liked the early evening restorative yoga classes. Very helpful, especially as it was a time when I had been feeling lots of anxiety. I’ll be purchasing a pass to the studio again in the fall.

13: Girls with Guns! Ok, this is certainly not my usual type of activity. (Politics around guns in the USA can be disturbing and militant, and also very polarizing. While I am not opposed to hunting (at least not if the meat will be eaten), I do not agree with the gun lobby that argues there should be no restrictions on gun use and ownership in the US.) However, a friend learned of a shotgun training class specifically for women, and she invited several of us to join her in the class. It seemed like it could be valuable to have some experience at handling a gun safely. I found it quite disturbing at first, to even hold the thing! And they were damned loud! But it was also meaningful to feel the discomfort and work though that.

14: Team Bocce. I organized several group outings to play bocce ball in the park. I have not done a lot of organizing groups of friends socially lately, and this has felt like I have returned to a part of myself that has been inactive.

15: My own garden. Even though I work (part time) for a gardening organization in the summers, life was hectic enough over the past couple of summers that I didn’t have adequate time for my own gardening. This summer, I have had time, and have had a number of days where I planned to just go out to my plot briefly for a small task, and don’t leave for four or five hours. Gardening is one of the few activities that I will almost always be fully present for, and I find it so relaxing.