10 out of 52: proposing workshops

I’m a bit behind my hoped-for schedule of a new or revived life-enhancing activity every week!

But here is a new one: in the past couple of weeks I have written and submitted two workshop proposals to local organizations (one is a gardening company, the other an adult ed organization). I’ve had ideas for workshops suitable (in my mind, at least!) for their organizations’ educational programming for several years, and I now have time in my life to do the planning. One idea is to teach safe and simple medicinal uses of commonly grown herbs and weeds, the other is to teach people how to make toxin-free “lotions and potions” (lip balm,skin salve or lotion, mouthwash…)

The women who organize the workshops both have indicated interest in what I sent them. I’m pleased with that, and that I have put the effort into getting the proposals written and submitted.