increased contact with friends and family, update

Well, I haven’t pulled this goal off as closely as I had hoped, but I am making improvements.  The goal was to daily make a contact with a friend or family member that I would not make “automatically.” In other words to push myself to pay more attention to relationships.  Planning an outing to a play with the group of folks who I’ve been attending plays with for several years does not count, planning an evening of playing boche ball or croquet in the park (once we actually have warm weather!) will because that’s not something I’m used to doing.  Visiting an aunt or uncle when I’m home visiting my folks doesn’t count, sending them a letter does.

Even though the execution hasn’t been perfect, having this as a goal is a really good reminder.  I am trying to stay conscious of activities and life events that may interest friends at a distance, and sending them quick emails.  For example, several things that happened to me yesterday reminded me of my 20s, and I sent emails to friends from those days saying “hey, remember!”  I’ve organized a couple of group outings that have included friends who did not previously know each other.  I have sent one note to an elderly aunt, but have been carrying cards around in my bag for several weeks that I mean to send to other elderly relatives.  (This is an area I really do want to put more attention to, especially as there have been several family deaths over the past year, and several other family members in poor health.)

I’d like to become more conscious about doing this daily, but right now I feel ok about the progress.


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