9 out of 52 (or maybe only 8 1/2?): Future workshop, step one

Yesterday I attended a workshop at a local gardening company.  In late winter, this company runs a great series workshops on a range of gardening related topics – anything from garden design to recently developed, hip, new perennial for the year to how to grow grapes in the north.

I’ve several ideas for workshops that I’d like to teach in this series, but have never gotten further than that.  I haven’t known who to contact, and, as I have been in school over the past couple of years, I haven’t have the extra time to plan a workshop.  Yesterday, I realized I could probably get the information I needed from the woman who was checking people in  It turned out she’s the staff person who plans the series, and she said that every year she is looking for new ideas for workshops.   So I got her email address, and learned when she starts to recruit ideas for next year.

Although I have not yet written a proposal or emailed her (which is shy I’m saying this is only a hald step at this point), I feel like I’ve gotten over a hurdle. I now know how to proceed.


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