8 out of 52: anonymous gifts

I’ve just mailed out a few gift certificates to some local friends.  The certificates are for local coffee shops or tea houses — places that  I know a specific person (the one getting the certificate, of course!) likes to go.  It’s taken me a couple of weeks to acquire the cards from the places around town, as I don’t always go near some of these places regularly.

I’m not sure why, but I want it to remain a secret.  I have disguised my handwriting and even used a type of pen that I don’t usually use, not that all of these people  are even likely to know my handwriting!  I also tried to select people who do not know each other, so that it’s not likely to come up in a conversation between two people who received a gift card from me.

I’m curious to know if I will hear about any of these gifts.


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