a future “out of 52”

A number years ago, I printed out copies of poems that I really like, and mailed them off to friends.  I’m going to do something similar as one of my weekly life-enhancing actions.  Since April is national poetry month (in the US), I’m planning to do it then, which will give me time to track down people’s addresses, and maybe find some new poems that I like so that I’m not sending the same poems I sent last time.

Any one have any suggestions of poetry you love?

Last time poems included :  definitely something by by Mary Oliver (perhaps Wild Geese, or Rice, which is not as well known as Wild Geese, but really beautiful).  and Wendell Berry (I love his The Peace of Wild Things),  Grace Paley,  Galway Kinnell.   probably Billy Collins…

I’d love new ideas!


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