6 out of 52: thank you notes

It is embarrassing, but I really have not sent out any thank you notes for a very long time.  Years.  Thank you emails occasionally, or thank you texts, sometimes, yes, but no notes.  (my mother would not be proud…)

But thank you notes are nice.  Really nice.  I appreciate getting one.  And truly, it does not take much time to write one!  (although there is the find a stamp and find an address part, which due to my chronic state of mess and chaos is never so quick!)  But this is something I want to change this year.  I have sent out two in the past week — one to a health care professional for how she works with my dad, another to a friend who had a lovely dinner for a group of friends lately.

My plan is to keep looking for opportunities to send out TY notes over the year.


4 thoughts on “6 out of 52: thank you notes

  1. Hand-written correspondence has gotten to be so rare it stands out as special. I personally find a real thank-you note to be more sincere than a digital one so good for you!

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