4 out of 52

Here is my latest effort toward my 2014 goal of doing something new or that I used to enjoy but have not done in a long time.   I wrote a list of things to do for the year several months ago, and I have added to that list, but it seems that I am just as likely to think of something on the spur of the moment toward this goal.

Last night, i read someone’s blog post about writing letters (yes, letters), physical letters to international pen-pals.  Wow, I did that so many years ago, and have not even thought about it since then.  But, hey, new/interesting experience right there, right?  so I went to a couple of international pen-pal sites and signed up.  (Sites that did not look like they were slightly veiled attempts to find lovers/marriages)  Most of the folks on the sites seemed more interested in email writing than snail mail, so I’ll have to see how much response I get.  I would only like 2-4 pen pals anyway, as any more would be too many to feel I could keep up with.  so we’ll see what comes of that.

I also am working on organizing a group of friends to go bowling (something I have not done for at least a decade).  It sounds like a fun / silly outing for the winter.


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