3 of 52: removing games from the computer

I have been thinking of removing the games from my desktop, well ever since I purchased my laptop.  Although I can enjoy playing solitaire or a couple of other games, I also can get caught up in playing too many rounds of the game for too much time.  So, this was to be my 3rd new thing for the year — flush the games.

This was not so quickly accomplished as i had though.   Trying to drag a game icon toe the “recycle bin” did not work.  The “delete” function in the games folder did not function.  Finally I found instructions online that allowed me to delete the games that I have never even used.  ok, bye-bye.  But although that will free up some memory on the computer, it really won’t help me have less ready access to the games I have been playing.  More online searches for instructions, naming specific games.  Interestingly, It looks like I can turn them off, but not fully delete them.  (Seriously ?? surely solitaire and spider solitaire are not vital to the machines workings…)  But at least there is a much greater time factor involved in accessing the games, so at least it will be much less likely to just start playing.

So some games are gone, and some are in a closet with a locked door that I have the key to….   I suspect that will be enough ( although I would actually like the satisfaction of completely eliminating them), but if I do find myself still wasting time to the point of grogginess, I will re-visit this and figure out how to really get rid of the remaining games.


3 thoughts on “3 of 52: removing games from the computer

  1. Good for you! It’s not always easy to recognize those mindless things that devour our time. (I don’t know why I call games mindless since I can rarely figure them out.) Best of luck 🙂

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