I have started realizing that I do not know how to rest.  I can keep going strongly for a while, then reach the point where I am not being effective or efficient, but I still need to get things done.  Instead of doing something really useful (take a long hike or something) I might do something mindless  — play solitaire on my computer, read a detective novel, watch sit-com re-runs — which if I only did it for 1/2 hour or so probably would be good.  A short little “turn my mind off” interlude.  Unfortunately, I tend to still feel a bit fried after that half hour and keep reading/ watching/ playing.  And then I end up feeling groggy and heavy rather than rested.  



One thought on “rest

  1. Totally relate to not being able to rest. I’m a ruminator so, in spite of the desperate need for rest, sleep, I must keep moving. Only recently, since getting into blogging, I now sit. And that mindlessness you speak of can certainly move in. It’s all exhausting! 🙂

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