week 1: contacts

Here are my keep-in-touch-with-people activities for the first week of 2014:

1 Jan: visit with an aunt and cousin.  My aunt’s health is poor,  and I do not live near her.  There have been several losses in my family recently, and I have an awareness of “this could be the last time I see you.”

2 January: wrote a long-ish message (through FB) to a friend who I have not seen in a few year, and whose email addresses no longer work!  Also sent a quick email through linked-in to a friend who I have been out of touch with for a while, and who I miss.

4 January: invited two friends to take a cooking class with me — something I’ve already signed up for through a local adult ed program.  This is the kind of thing I tend to plan to ask someone to join me in doing, but then forget until it is too late.

5 January: wrote a long email to a college friend, who lives in Asia. I have not seen her for a number of years, and Facebook isn’t really enough.

6 January: another email to a friend at a distance, who I haven’t kept in close contact with recently.  He’s had some really major life changes lately


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