2 out of 52: micro-loans through kiva

I was too excited about this one to wait.  I just made several micro-loans to small, small businesses in Samoa, Mongolia, India.  the organization I made the loans through is called kiva (http://www.kiva.org/).  I’d heard of this organization several years ago, and have been thinking of making a few micro-loans ever since learning about it.  Somehow, I never got to it. . . .

It was an interesting / weird / disturbing experience as a first-world / developed-world person (not wealthy by ‘merican standards, but certainly wealthy by the standards of someone who is growing maize or millet on one dry hectare of land) to flip through the photos and descriptions of folks who are working hard to improve their circumstances, who are trying to provide sterile water for their families or to earn enough that they can afford school fees to educate their children, who are sole providers for multi-generational families.  To flip through these stories and CHOSE between them.

It’s a great sadness, to feel myself choosing, although a great luxury to be able to contribute.


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