day 1: zero to hero introduction

I recently ran across zero to hero , a learn-to-blog, 30 day thang, and thought that it could be a part of my 52 week, do something new or interesting and fun that I have not done for a very long time plan for 2014.  since coming up with this idea, I have been developing a list of activities that I am looking forward to doing over the next year.  Keeping a blog for the year was the first item.

Personal introduction:  I am a teacher by trade, but a farmer at heart.  The past three years I’ve been studying herbal medicine, as well as continuing my job, so (despite studying in an amazing program) it was a period that centered on the academic.  There was not enough physical activity, I had too few non-academic adventures, and less fun social time that I would have liked.  I plan to change that this upcoming year.

I am a gardener with an interest in permaculture and organic cultivation methods.  I enjoy yoga and walking and live theatre.  I read too many light-weight detective novels.  Sometimes I skip too many meals and sometimes I eat too much sugar.  I am fascinated by biology and natural history.

 I chose to start a blog partly because it makes me slightly nervous, and it feels like time to start pushing new boundaries to prevent myself from getting stale.  Also, I used to love to keep a journal, but have not kept one in years.  A blog tracking my year of new and re-newed experiences  seemed like it could assist in keeping me on track with that.


One thought on “day 1: zero to hero introduction

  1. Very interested that you are studying herbal medicine. I am working on a herbal patch at my allotment. It is very sparse at the moment – thyme, feverfew, oregano, hyssop and chamomile, I want to add more and eventually use fresh for teas and perhaps to make hand creams etc.

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