trial run

about a month ago, I flipped though a book in a bookstore , written by a middle-aged woman who had decided to do something new every day for a year.  it was an idea that appealed to me, and I thought about it for several days, but…

the thing i really want is more connections to people … even though I do have plenty of friends and participate in social activities, I’ve also been doing some additional training the past couple of years (almost completed now!) and have some tendency to isolate when tired / stressed / unhappy.  so: combination of both (1) weekly: either doing something new or getting re-involved in something I’ve stopped doing and (2) daily: some attempt at pushing myself people-wise, whether that is re-establishing some contact with old friends, doing something social when I’m feeling like staying home with the door closed, working on making plans early in the week for the weekend (because  when I wait, I often don’t get the plans made!)

a blog is week one’s new thing (even if it’s not quite 2014 yet!) …. mainly because it makes me nervous, but I guess also some level of “it might be useful to know how to do” for things I would like to do professionally in the future. i did do a lot of journal writing in the past, but that is also something that I have quit doing.